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special occasions

Dinner / Drive

Special occasions

We absolutely thrive in special occasions 

Special Birthdays – Trip to a great restaurant or Venue, taking the scenic route (Pick you up and take you all home)

Kids Birthdays – Pile the Kids in safely (seat belts), play their music on our blue-tooth speaker – visit a gelato shop, play games & just have fun

Anniversaries – Special pick-up, drive to a fantastic restaurant, winery, favourite place – we go anywhere and work on an itinerary that suits you

Date night – why not – Kombi is a great surprise and its really works well

Proposals & Elopements – we’re done a few, a Kombi is a real chilled experience and you will have a lot of fun 

Corporate Events – we love the bespoke events, team building days, winery trips and corporate fun days – can take 16 people across 2 Kombi’s

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