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Weddings in Winter ‘classic’

Winter Weddings – a wintry event

The wedding season – this is normally in the warmer months with most couples wishing to hold their special event in Spring or Autumn – Have you thought about a winter wedding?

Winter can also be absolutely brilliant for weddings, especially in some of the excellent wedding venues located in and around Melbourne as well as those that are set in our wineries regions, regional wedding venues and homesteads.

Winter wedding’s – photographers love, as they always get great photos. If you choose a cosy or warm venue – guests really love the outing, as it’s quite special attending a wedding in a location that is cosy, has a great view and is warm – a fire always helps – and a great place to mingle!

What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon in winter, spending time with friends and family for a wedding at a fabulous location, great company and yes – don’t forget the great food!

Many wedding venues do an exceptional job and in Winter prices can sometimes be a touch more attractive and you usually don’t get rushed as you may be in the peak with some locations. Never rushed with us, as we only do one wedding car hire per day to make sure all goes well and we are there if you need us to stay or set up a photo-booth.

If you want any advice on possible locations, venue characteristic’s just message us and we would be happy to share our experience, as we have been to so many great wedding receptions & venues, some many many times!