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Vintage Retro Weddings – are they here to stay!

Vintage Retro Wedding’s – are they here to stay!

ABSOLUTELY – vintage style weddings are just that – a style that reflects the bride & grooms preference and they are here to stay.

In the last few years we have noticed that Vintage & Boho themed weddings are becoming more popular, as a reflection of both the bride & grooms personal taste and style, as well as many new wedding venues are now catering for this emerging trend.

A split screen vintage Kombi is the ultimate accessory for a wedding – a Kombi Wedding Hire, is not your usual wedding limousine car hire, as a classic retro Kombi adds a different vibe to every wedding. The fun start’s at the first pick-up, as the Kombi just looks fabulous and everyone with a camera will want a pose – even your neighbours, as we drive to the wedding reception – along the way the wedding party will have a crazy time, playing music and just getting into a relaxed groove!

It doesn’t stop there – as you travel to the wedding reception, the public in their cars will take photo’s, toot and give you a thumbs up – as your travelling in vintage style and having fun – you have to be easy going to hire a Kombi as a wedding car!

So then you arrive – the guests – all get it. You have picked a classic retro Kombi – as this wedding is going to be different and reflect your style.

We all know Kombi’s take some fantastic photos – sorry not just of the wedding party – move over – as the guests always want to get in on the action and heaps will take photo’s. We can extend the experience and turn our Kombi into a wedding Photo-Booth with heaps of fun and retro props!

So if style matters and you want a classic or vintage Kombi as a wedding car hire – call us and let’s discuss how we can make your day fantastic and reflect your wedding plans!