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Splitting the difference

Why a split-screen van is the best Kombi for your wedding, formal or special event. Often referred to as a “splitty”, the split-screen Kombi, or Combi is the most classic & traditional van most people dream of. Plus, they have the added benefit of pop-out safari windows, that provide the absolute classic wedding photo shoot. Almost every bride & groom take the iconic shot with them leaning out these windows – it’s a great photo that only a splitty Kombi can provide – Just look at our web site and you will see what we mean!

For special event car hire – The split-screen Kombi is perfect as they have that uniquely vintage look which all Kombi vans are known and loved for.

This ‘je ne sais quoi’ is something truly special, for which a large hummer limousine cannot replicate. Every Australian has a story or a connection with these classic vehicles. Plus, they just simply make you smile – making it super easy to capture that perfect moment – (Your wedding photographer will thank you later!). At Melbourne Vintage Kombi Hire – we have two authentic splitty Kombis Minty & Eleanor. These Kombi’s are remarkably comfortable, and an efficient way to transport your guests as they can accommodate an entire wedding party for up to 8 people – No need to hire additional cars!

If you want to know more about our classic Kombi car hire or wedding hire – drop us a line and we will send you heaps of information, along with some previous guest photos to get you inspired