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A typical Kombi Wedding Day – Heaps of Fun

Hat’s off to those that want a different wedding car experience!

We thought we would share a few photos of Eleanor that was taken at Sorrento & the Mornington Peninsula the other day – as the few we have shared show how versatile and fun a Kombi is as a wedding car.

Selecting a wedding car is quite important really, as we all normally want the wedding car to reflect how we feel our wedding should be – so if you select a Kombi, to us it means your after a fun trip and want a classic feel to help set off the wedding – as the wedding transport in a classic Kombi is normally one of the first thing your guests will see as you arrive – it also says a lot about your preferred style and approach for the day.

For your wedding photographer having a Kombi offers so many great wedding photographs, with so many iconic shots that can be taken and our two Kombi’s – Minty & Eleanor have the perfect colour combination, with perfect white interiors – so will suit any wedding dress style.

Eleanor our 1958 classic split screen Kombi had a great day – 1st picked up the wedding party, arrived at All Smiles in Sorrento for the wedding reception, then a trip to the Sorrento Beach where the Kombi could park on the lawn for that Iconic beach shot, then to the tea-tree avenue shots, off to St Pauls beach and then to Cape Schanck resort for more fun photo’s. With a Kombi – we tell a story of the day as its very versatile and we travel anywhere and always get a great spot and wedding photo shot.

Give us a call or send us a message and we will share heaps of options for you to consider.