School formals


Hire a Classic Kombi for your formal

"Arrive in Retro Style"

Going to your school formal in style is what we are about – forget the standard limo – if you want to travel to your School formal in style and class, Minty & Eleanor could be the ideal retro vintage Split Screen Kombi for you!


What's Included

We can take up to 8 people in each Kombi, so a total of 16 – where we will provide an experienced accredited chauffeured driven driver.
  • We have an incredible modern sound system, with USB / Mobile connections to play your music along the way.
  • With Minty or Eleanor you will have some crazy photo’s and will have to fight away your formal school friends at the formal venue as Minty arrives – as they will want to crash your party – and get photo’s of themselves with our Vintage Classic Kombi’s – trust us this always happens!

Our Swagger

We also find that Minty or Eleanor always get preferential entry to any formal we go to, as everyone (even security guards) love the look and style of these classics – very different to the norm.  So if you want a jam packed, fun trip to your formal, want to make an impact and be different – arriving in style – Minty or Eleanor is for you.