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Minty is a fully restored 1963 ‘split-screen’ Kombi – restored in classic cream & light mint green, with a rich cream interior. This was an original iconic colour of its time. Minty is an aware winning Kombi winning best at show at the inaugural Autoclassica in Melbourne. Being fully restored (top to bottom), Minty is faultless and is also very reliable as Minty has a new engine.
Eleanor is a beautiful 1958 ‘split-screen’ Kombi – restored in classic cream & sage green colour, with a cream interior, reminiscent of the Kombi’s in the 1950’s.  Eleanor was an Australian car that travelled to the UK in the 1960’s , where it remained until 2017 where it was restored and returned home to Melbourne.
Audrey, can be seen gleaming in her original cream and light grey colors, exuding an aura of sophistication and vintage allure. With roots in Europe, she has made her way to Australia where she underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming the epitome of classic beauty.
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Stylish & Contemporary

The interior for both Minty & Eleanor is in classic cream with black beading. This is a classic interior finish but importantly is excellent for photo’s as the cream interior as a back-ground really compliments professional photographs and ensures a stylish contemporary look.

Minty & Eleanor are vintage split-screen Kombi’s that have the added fun of being able to ‘pop-out’ all the safari windows on the Kombi, including the two front windows. This makes Minty & Eleanor fun but also really allows for some fantastic photo’s, especially from the front. 


Experienced Chauffeur

Our Kombi’s are provided with a friendly & experienced Chauffeur and can hold 9 people each, including the Chauffeur. Minty & Eleanor have a minimum rental period of 3 hours allowing time for pick-up and return to Melbourne. Our Kombi’s can also be used as a ‘Photo-booth’, where guests can take Polaroid Photo’s and write messages as a keep-sake in a photo book.

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